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It’s Robert Leedy’s Fault

I have had this Blog up for at least a year without a single post. My friend Robert Leedy said I should be blogging so it’s his fault if you don’t like what you hear and see here. The other reason that I am blogging for the first time is that I read in Wired Magazine that blogging is dead. Any other reason is not necessary, but I do like the word blog and will use it at every opportunity. Blog on.

I have digressed which I am wont to do. My purpose is to tell you about Robert Leedy my old friend and watercolorist extroidinare. Robert is a desiple of famous painter David Dewey. I have the good fortune to be Robert’s printmaker and it is a pleasure to have his art in the studio. 

Robert came to work for our design firm right out of college. We had a great time working together doing projects and photo shoots. I have many good war stories about our time together. My partner and beloved wife always said that Robert would become an artist. And boy was she right, as usual. We were out of touch for years because Robert was traveling the world selling wine and honing his artist talents. 

Since I am now a blogger I thought it only fitting to start out with something about Robert. You will find some links below to see Robert’s work. He is good and you should buy his art. Prints are nice.Mainely For VacationJust in case you are like me and too lazy to hit a link check out this painting. We recently printed this one and I can testify it is a great painting like all of Robert’s work.

Happy Trails, Garry

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